2022 Prophecy

2022 Is the year that God is raising His people up!


To my children, you shall be lifted up. This world has tried and will continue to try to tear down what I have exalted. They will not succeed. For I will restore what has been torn down. I will raise up what has been belittled. I will strengthen that which was weak. Let the weak say they are strong in Me. Stand immovable where I’ve placed you. Don’t be shaken from My will for your life. I have plans for you that will be fulfilled as you trust in Me. I will make foolish what many have exalted as wise, and I will lift you up into a place of favor and operation of My wisdom. This is My hour to shine through you, and the power of darkness will be shown to be nothing. I am exalting My church, which will display My power and Love to the world. They will see the real reality, and marvel. The world will stumble and fall from their fake lofty positions and will be put to open shame. But your exaltation shall be seen that you are being lifted up. Stay on target, and you will see great days ahead of you. Life has always been made to flourish, and so shall you. Nothing can stop what I started from the foundation of the world. These are the days of fulfilment; fulfillment of what I promised. I am faithful to perform what I have spoken. Darkness in the deceived shall not prosper, but they shall find themselves by the wayside, away from the blessing. You shall see the reward of the enemy. You are My blessed people, and you are designed to show My glory. Fulfill My mission together with Me. These are the days where Light and Life shall prevail. It’s working. It’s working. My design is working and creating a Kingdom that cannot be shaken and defeated. Know that I will not forsake what I promised to you, so stay faithful with Me all the way to fulfillment. Fake government, that I have not ordained, will falter, fail and fall. It’s time for the removal of that which can be shaken, so that which cannot be shaken shall remain. The foundation that I designed is sure, and will not be removed no matter how many try. That which cannot be shaken will remain! You are part of the rise of my manifested blessings. Believe and receive, and walk together with Me in the rise of the Better Way. The world’s weapons will not prosper over you for you are being lifted up, and it cannot be stopped!