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2023 Prophecy

2023 Prophecy

Moving Forward Together

Now is the time of the fulfillment of My plans for you. Your life is My design working in you. What I set in motion in you will bring you to the completion of My plan, if you trust Me. Do you see it? You need to! See what I have in store. Watch in expectancy to the rise of My completed design. Do you know it? You should! The increase of understanding and the wealth of My wisdom is coming on My body, (The Church), this year like never before. Many will turn to the church to receive My wisdom that will flow through My People. You shall increase in My knowledge and you will see My ways clearer. Do you believe it? You will! For there will be special endowments of My Faith infused in you that will raise you up to my standards of walking. We shall walk together, we shall speak together, and we shall believe together. Together with Me! Together we will do great things that will make many stand in awe, and they will know you are flowing in My ways and in My Anointing. Do you sense the flow of My Life? You will! Because I am increasing you in sensitivity; you will have pure vision in My ways and purposes. You will flow together with Me in My Life to expel all the seeds of death that have been planted. All of My goodness is in you, so believe with Me in the harvest of the seeds that I have planted through My laborers. The fields are truly white unto harvest and the time to reap is at hand. The Word of the Lord has spoken it. I’m going forward and My faithful are coming with Me.

Let’s go forward together, says the Author and finisher of your faith. Let’s move together and accomplish the spectacular that no one can speak against. Alone you will not be able to stand, but together you will rise and fulfill the plans I’m implementing. The faithful will inherit My best, and will be sensitive to My moving forward, and will flow together with Me. Are you My faithful? Yes you are! Now rise up to the call of the faithful, for the faithful will inherit the Land that I have prepared. Nothing will take you out of MY hands but you. You must know what I’m saying, and speak what I’m saying. We are not standing still, but we are marching to the rhythm of the Anointing that is working even right now in your midst. The call to unity is now. I have called you to be one, first with Me, and also together through the unity of the Spirit.

 No divisions whatsoever!  I have given you vision and a focus. Embrace it and watch what will unfold right before your eyes. Now is the time to move forward. Move forward now in complete unity together with Me.

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