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Children & Youth Ministry


Grades K-5

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Children's Church provides a safe place for children to learn Biblical truth in exciting ways at a level they can understand. Although it's fun, it's not just a playtime, as our children learn how to worship, give, read their Bibles, and live in a way that is pleasing to God. 

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Children's Church is also a place where Godly character is modeled and expected. Children learn to be respectful to God and each other, fair, understanding, helpful and kind.  


Finally, Children's Church strives to be a fun and safe place for all children. Through games and interaction, children establish friendships with each other and with God and know that church is the place they want to be. 

Ignite Youth 
6th-12 Grade

Summer Break from
Wed. May 25th to Sept. 7th

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Ignite, is devoted to helping young people, 6th-12th grade, to grow in their relationship with God. Our emphasis is on knowing God's Word, listening to His voice and obeying the Holy Spirit, which trains them to make Godly choices in their lives.


The meetings include time of praise, a study of God's Word and lots of fun to develop a heart for God and the joy of being a Christian.


7-8pm every Wednesday Summer Break from May 25th-September 7th

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