Purpose Devotion

July 6th
The Giants are Not Your Problem

We as believers have received the fullness of peace in our newly created spirits. That which is working in our spirit is eternity, it is everything God is, and it is everything that is working in Him. Our rest is in Him. This place of rest is God’s plan for you for increase.

Hebrews 4:9
9 There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God.

The children of Israel were called by God to enter in the Land that was Promised. This was the place of rest that was ordained for them to be in by faith. God said it was a land flowing with milk and honey. He said it was a delightsome land and how He promised it to generations of Israelites to come. He said they couldn’t enter into that place of rest because they didn’t believe. They didn’t believe what God said. Just because they saw things that were not mentioned by God, somehow it made the rest of what He said untrue to them. The land was everything God said it was, He just left certain things out. The only reason He didn’t mention certain things was it was not a problem and it had nothing to do with possessing the land, it just wasn’t an obstacle. The giants were not their problem, they (the Israelites) were their own problem. They did not believe God. We need not to be afraid of what we’re facing here. Each one of us will face problems and maybe it will be something God didn’t mention ahead of time. But know this; God knows all things and to Him it’s not a problem. The giants that we face are not our problem. God’s Word says, we overcome because He is Greater in us. We must believe in what God has set in motion in is. The Israelites spied out the land. It was everything God said it was going to be, except He left out the giants that were in the land. They let the circumstances get them so troubled that they put aside what God said. They didn’t believe it anymore. So they never entered in. The Devil was successful in sidetracking a huge amount of the Israelites. But Joshua and Caleb faithfully said we’re well able to overcome.” You are well able to overcome as well, because you have the greatest power in the universe working in you and you need not to be afraid of anything. The giants are no big deal, it is easy in God’s hands, and they are not a problem, for He has already won the victory for you and all you have to do is believe and receive. God has brought you out to bring you in; into His promised Kingdom. We rule and reign in Christ.
We’ll continue tomorrow.
Have a wonderful day! 😊
Pastor Kevin Vaughn